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Hull Collegiate

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Acklams Coaches are pleased to be in partnership with Hull Collegiate providing their school service runs for pupils.

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We will update our Facebook Page and twitter feed to report any delays or route disruption.

You can use our hashtag #hullcollegiate for twitter updates or follow @acklams for all our the latest updates on all our services.

Please call our office number 01482 887 666 if you have any queries.

973 Withernsea - Hull Collegiate School

973 Withernsea - Hull Collegiate School 
 School Days
Patrington Railway Pub07:26
Ottringham White Horse07:34
Keyingham Ship Inn07:38
Burstwick Main Street07:44
Thorngumbald Opposite Royal Mail07:47
Hedon Crossroads07:54
Victoria Dock08:09
Boothferry Road Fiveways08:28
Boothferry Road Darleys08:32
Hull Collegiate School08:40
973 Hull Collegiate School - Withernsea 
 School Days
Hull Collegiate School16:10
Boothferry Road Darleys16:14
Boothferry Road Fiveways16:17
Victoria Dock16:32
Hedon Crossroads16:45
Thorngumbald Royal Mail16:52
Burstwick Main Street16:55
Keyingham Ship Inn17:01
Ottringham White Horse17:05
Patrington Railway Pub17:13

974 Holderness Road - Hull Collegiate School

974 Holderness Road - Hull Collegiate School 
 School Days
Holderness Road Ganstead Roundabout07:40
Holderness Road Tesco Express07:42
Ings Road/Cavendish Road07:45
Cranbrook Avenue Inglemire Lane08:02
Cottingham Road Hull Grammar School08:04
Chanterlands Avenue Goddard Avenue08:07
Cottingham Thwaite Street08:15
Cottingham Priory Road08:17
Willerby Road Springhead Golf Course08:25
Willerby Square08:28
Kirkella School Lane08:32
Kirkella Mill Lane08:35
Hull Collegiate School08:40
974 Hull Collegiate School - Holderness Road 
 School Days
Hull Collegiate School16:10
Kirkella Mill Lane16:15
Kirkella School Lane16:18
Willerby Square16:22
Willerby Road Springhead Golf Course16:25
Cottingham Priory Road16:33
Cottingham Thwaite Street16:35
Chanterlands Avenue Goddard Avenue16:43
Cottingham Road Hull Grammar School16:46
Cranbrook Avenue Inglemire Lane16:48
Ings Road/Cavendish Road17:05
Holderness Road Tesco Express17:08
Holderness Road Ganstead Roundabout17:10

976 Howden - Hull Collegiate School

976 Howden - Hull Collegiate School 
 School Days
Howden Memorial07:35
Howden Longs Corner07:37
Gilberdyke Footbridge07:43
Newport Bridge07:48
North Cave Memorial07:56
South Cave Costcutter07:58
South Cave Market Place08:01
Elloughton Stockbridge Roundabout08:05
Elloughton EYMS Depot08:07
Brough Memorial08:10
Welton Church08:14
North Ferriby Duke of Cumberland08:25
Swanland Tranby Lane - Pond08:30
Hull Collegiate School08:35
976 Hull Collegiate School - Howden 
 School Days
Hull Collegiate School16:10
Swanland Tranby Lane - Pond16:15
North Ferriby Duke of Cumberland16:20
Welton Church16:26
Brough Memorial16:29
Elloughton EYMS Depot16:33
Elloughton Stockbridge Roundabout16:35
South Cave Market Place16:39
South Cave Costcutter16:42
North Cave Memorial16:44
Newport Bridge16:52
Gilberdyke Footbridge16:57
Howden Longs Corner17:03
Howden Memorial17:05

978 South Bank - Hull Collegiate School

978 South Bank - Hull Collegiate School 
 School Days
A18 Barney’s Café07:30
Ulceby Out of School Club07:46
Wootton Nags Head07:52
Thornton Curtis Church Lay-by07:57
Goxhill Crossroads on Goxhill Road08:02
Barrow Royal Oak08:06
Barton Co-op08:13
Barton A1077 - Ferriby Road08:15
Hull Collegiate School08:40
978 Hull Collegiate School - South Bank 
 School Days
Hull Collegiate School16:10
Barton A1077 - Ferriby Road16:20
Barton Co-op16:22
Barrow Royal Oak16:28
Goxhill Crossroads on Goxhill Road16:33
Thornton Curtis Church Lay-by16:38
Wootton Nags Head16:41
Ulceby Out of School Club16:47
A18 Barney’s Café17:05

979 Hornsea (& Beverley) - Hull Collegiate School

979 Hornsea (& Beverley) - Hull Collegiate School 
 School Days
Hornsea Rolston Road07:20
Hornsea Eastgate - Cross Roads07:23
Hornsea Willows Court/Cheyne Walk07:27
Catwick Rise Lane07:32
Brandesburton Leven Road07:37
Leven Church07:42
Routh Nags Head07:47
Tickton Churchfields07:50
Beverley Molescroft Shops - Woodhall Way08:00
Beverley Sleepers - Opposite surgery / Manor Road08:04
Beverley Memorial Hall08:07
Beverley Normandy Avenue08:12
Hull Collegiate School08:40
979 Hull Collegiate School - Hornsea (& Beverley) 
 School Days
Hull Collegiate School16:10
Beverley Normandy Avenue16:28
Beverley Memorial Hall16:33
Beverley Surgery / Manor Road16:36
Beverley Molescroft Shops - Woodhall Way16:40
Tickton Churchfields16:50
Routh Nags Head16:53
Leven Church16:58
Brandesburton Leven Road17:03
Catwick Rise Lane17:08
Hornsea Willows Court/Cheyne Walk17:13
Hornsea Eastgate - Cross Roads17:17
Hornsea Rolston Road17:20