Step 1 - Take a drivers medical and, once you have passed this, apply for provisional D entitlement on your driving licence.

Step 2 - Book an assessment driving lesson to obtain an exact duration that is right for you. It also offers you the opportunity to decide whether this is the right thing for you.

Step 3 – Get booked down for your drivers PCV theory test, there are 3 of these in total which include a multiple choice test, a hazard perception test and a case studies test which goes towards your drivers CPC. Once these are booked, we will give to you a revision book or CD Rom to begin revising.

Step 4 – Book in your training dates and 2 practical tests which consist of a driving test and a drivers CPC walk round check test.

Our training courses are full working days starting at 7am and finishing at 5pm. They are available on weekdays or weekends. Set courses would be offered as a one-on-one 3-day course or a two-on-one 5-day course, with additional days available if needed.

Because everyone has different driving abilities, we offer an ability assessment before booking the training course (optional). You may require fewer or more than the average 3 days training quoted above. 

To book your driver training contact Stacey Monkman on 01482 887666 or