Learning with Acklams

Acklams Coaches provides a professional coach hire service. We have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience of training our own drivers, and we are now able to start our own driving school.

We can offer you the opportunity to use our driver trainers, and one of our owned-from-new vehicles, to do your driver training.

Becoming a Coach Driver

One of the many benefits of being a bus/coach driver, apart from the work being so varied, is that you are more or less your own boss while you are out on the road, and your efforts to please your passengers will create tremendous job satisfaction.

We operate a top-quality fleet of modern, well-maintained buses and coaches which are a joy to drive.

What do I need to join the training scheme?

Age limits

You need to be at least 21 years of age for coach driving and a minimum of 18 for bus work. 

Health requirements

You must be in generally good health to undertake coach driving work. Prior to being accepted onto our PCV driver training course, you will be required to pass a full PCV medical examination. This can be carried out by your own doctor at some medical practices.

Driving a bus or coach with up to 70 passengers on board is obviously a very responsible job and, like any job, it can be tiring at times. Therefore, good health is essential and a PCV compliant regulation.

Driving licence requirements

Ideally, you need a clean driving licence for cars (category B). Convictions for road traffic offences are taken into account when the traffic commissioners consider granting your PCV licence, once you have successfully passed your test.

As well as...

You will also require a CPC driver's qualification, which is renewable every five years.

It is not necessary to gain the D1 driving licence before taking the PCV D driving test. 

The truck and coach licensing category names have changed. PSV is now PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle).

PCV D1 - Minibus with up to 16 passenger seats

PCV D - Coach/bus with over 16 passenger seats 

What makes a good PCV driver?

It is important, right from the start, that you view PCV driving as a professional career and the ideal bus/coach driver, due to the varying nature of the work, possess the following:

  • a cheerful and friendly personality
  • a positive and enthusiastic attitude to work
  • a desire to please and help customers
  • good communication skills, both talking and listening
  • good geographical knowledge and map reading skills
  • high-quality driving skills, with a strong awareness of hazard perception and a total commitment to safe driving
  • an acceptance of flexible working hours

For more information, please contact Stacey Monkman on 01482 887666 or stacey.monkman@acklamscoaches.co.uk.